A Minion Introduction


You can call Minion. I’m petite, I’m loud and I’m bubbly. Free time is always a play time for me. I don’t let free time go by just like that. We only lived once, don’t waste it. 

Basically, I’m a Chief Travel Officer for The Minion Traveller Inc.

So my job description? Simple, travel! The easiest job description you’ll ever heard. Isn’t it cool and awesome?

Why I’m doing this? I used to be someone who really commits to her work. Staying up late in the office during the weekdays and doing the same routine every weekend (mall, movie, hang out till late night). By that time, I didn’t realized that how much I wasted my life doing the same routine for the past 20 years plus because that’s how I saw the lifestyle of most people. And I had the mindset of “Majority Rules“.

Until I got a job that what most people see it as the “dream job”. Yes, I had the opportunity to see the world but there was a catch. Work revolved around me so much that I have lost the time to keep in touch with the family. I wouldn’t mind to be left out from someone’s wedding or any festival and celebration. But when I can’t find the time to have an actual quality time with my family, then I started to think. Is this all worth it for the money that I’ve gained? 

Is it worth it…When you are nowhere close when your mom/dad is taking her/his final breath before they close their eyes?

Is it worth it…When you are nowhere close to be there for your loved ones when they need you the most through difficult times?

It might be nothing to some of you but a powerful statement hit me on the face on one sunny day..

Some of the important thing is you don’t miss it until they are not there anymore..” – Marc Acetta. 

You may think money is everything for now, wait until you lost something or someone in your life, then you may think twice about your thought earlier. 

So here I am, stepping out from my comfort zone and society’s typical expectations and live the life the way I want it. Bare with me on this journey because I want to take you with me! It’s a lifetime adventure, why should we leave someone behind?

Are you ready? Let’s go!



4 thoughts on “A Minion Introduction

    1. It was such a good reason to get that “dream job” that everybody dreamed about. Their work environment truly opened my eyes that I don’t want to let my life to be wasted like this.

      Let’s go great with the life!


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