Getting rid of Monday Blues


 On Sunday night, most people will be affected by a typical disease called pre-monday blues, whereas the symptoms will be multiple sighs and demotivated feeling to get up for tomorrow. When the big day arrives, more symptoms can be seen. Gloomy feelings and excitement to reach for the weekend even though the weekdays just started, will be among of it.

There is no exact prescription to cure your Monday blues but you need to prescribe yourself with powerful quotes to keep motivating your minds. Quotes such as “believe in yourself” or “Face the challenge” are so cliche that it’s not convincing enough to motivate your powerful mind. Your mind needs a boost that is so strong that it’s hard to be ignored.

“God has created us as champions but the world programmed us to lose.. “

God wants us to be champions, which is why He created us as champions. But did you realized that what’s happening in this world, has indirectly programmed you to believe that you can’t do it and you’re going to lose?

Take Nick Vujivic for example. If he followed the program that was set up by the world, he will feel that he’s not worth it to anybody. He might do a really bad decision for himself instead. But he fought back and looked where he is now.



So everytime you’re feeling low or you’re caught with the Monday blues, think about the powerful quote that I shared with you. You are also welcomed to share with me your powerful quotes because we’re a team and together we can conquer the world with positivity!


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