Things to know before leaving for the airport

First time international traveller or not, you know you have to prepare yourself before leaving your home for the airport. Whether it’s for work or for leisure, you know that lack of preparations, can turn your trip into a nightmare or hot mess. I’ve seen and experienced myself with travellers who didn’t do enough homework before their travel. And I’m not talking about how many shirts and shorts that you need to bring. The tiny stuff usually it’s the important one, the one that you won’t expect that it will give you such ease in your trip. Feel free to use this article as your checklist before your departure.

Life is an adventure that it’s worth it to take your gamble but you might not want to gamble this..

Passport – Is your passport will expire in 6 months time? Some country won’t allow you to leave the country if you passport has less than 6 months before the expiration date.

ATM & Credit Card Activation – Ensure that your ATM can be withdraw internationally and you have to call your bank to let them know about your travel trip because if you don’t, the bank will think that your credit card have been stolen and being used abroad. Thus, they will block your card. And phone calls to your bank from abroad is not cheap.

Activate roaming – Some telco company won’t be active for roaming until you make a call to them. Check with your telco company if your number has been activated for roaming

100ml bottle – If you’re backpacking and decide to take your backpack as carry on luggage, ensure all liquids such as shampoos, toner, lotion, facial wash, toothpaste etc must be less than 100ml. Otherwise, it will be confiscated.

Travel kit – For long distance traveller, bring your travel kit toothbrush and toothpaste as your breath will start to smell after having 1-2 meal trips.

Print copy of your passport – It’s better safe than sorry if you happened to lose your passport in the middle of somewhere during your trip. Might as well bring the print copy instead and leave your passport locked in security box or somewhere safe in the hotel.

Return flight details – Print and have it with you as some country like the United States (at some particular area) will ask for your return flight details to avoid the overstay.

Address of the place that you’re going to stay – Once you’re at the immigration counter, the immigration will ask for the address that you’re going to stay at. Whether it’s a hotel, friend’s place or even a hostel, just keep the details with you. Have the place’s home number as well.

Pen – Usually for Southeast Asia, you will be needing to fill up the details on visa-on-arrival. Wouldn’t want to queue and wait for a pen at the counter, would you? Sometimes, there is some counter that doesn’t prepare any pen at all for you to fill up the details.

Power bank – Power bank is needed if you’re doing a lot of outdoors activity but still need to be in contact with the outside world especially photo-sharing in social media.

International adaptor – No matter where you are, get yourself some international adaptor. Even though some place use the same plug head as your country use, some country doesn’t.

*Adaptor Extension – This depends on how much electronic devices that you want to bring and of course, where you are! What happened to me once was I need to recharge my phone battery, my camera & my power bank all in the same time. This adaptor extension came to the rescue.

Hope it helps and enjoy your trip!


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