2014: The Bucket List Year

It’s reaching to the end of the year, folks!

How’s your 2014 so far? Better than last year or there’s still need to be done with your life? Either way, time has passed so quickly that we’re reaching to the new year in about two weeks time. As for me, 2014 would the most happening year in my life. I have done lots of new things, made a lot of self-discovery and lots of risks were taken this year. I would say, even though I had some ups and downs (well everybody does, right?), 2014 would be the first year that I could say it as a year filled with adventures. Here’s my bucket list that I’ve done for 2014:

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Went for TomorrowWorld 2014 in Atlanta

Visit Bali

One of the attraction - Tegalalang Rice Terrace and happened to be at the same spot as the world-renowed DJ, Ummet Ozcan
One of the attractions – Tegalalang Rice Terrace and happened to be at the same spot as the world-renowed DJ, Ummet Ozcan was

Visit Miami

I also checked another bucket list here – got my scuba dive licence!

Visit Thailand


Experience opera in Chicago


Visit Shedd Aquarium in Chicago


Did Sea-walking


Ride an elephant


Watch a football game in a stadium


There are lots of things that I’ve missed this year. Too much adventures caused my body to send signals to me to calm down and have a break. It took me a week and now probably till the end of this year to give my body a chance to have break that it deserves. New stuff, new adventures hopefully for next year as the plan for 2015 have been started. How about you, my adventure friends? How’s your bucket list for this year?

Feel free to share with me and everyone your bucket list, don’t be shy. I won’t bite. Haha!


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