Top 5 Bucket List for 2015

It’s getting near to the new year folks!

Hope you have such a wonderful year for 2014. Are you ready for 2015? Or are you still hiding under the covers, hoping time will pass you by much more slowly? What about your wishlist for 2015? Are you wishing for a new job, new and healthy relationship, or simply more time with the beloved ones? Regardless what it is, let’s start the new year fresh and with a bang, shall we?

Here are my wishlist for 2015 and I’m hoping and trying to make this happen for 2015.

Trekking in Nepal-Tibet
After conquering the Grand Canyon, it’s time to test my body strength again for another trekking. And this time, I’m planning to go for trekking in Tibet/Nepal while enjoying the view of Mount Everest. After living in a concrete jungle, it would be so wonderful to be away from it and enjoy the breathtaking view of the majestic mountain. Plus, I can cross off another list in my bucket list, unplugged from social media/technology for 48 hours. Still couldn’t cross that off until now, am too attached to my phone now, haha!

Comic Con
How cool is it when you can be whatever you want, even portray your favourite comic or gaming character in an event where thousands of people are sharing the same interest as yours? Like TomorrowWorld, this would be another awesome event that need to be crossed off from my bucket list. I’ve been surfing for the best ideas, and right now medieval characters like Skyrim or LOTR are my main options right now. I do like dress up but, in a much more unique kind of way.

Can you believe that I haven’t done any skydive yet? This was supposed to be crossed off this year but, fate has intervened and it still hasn’t been done yet. Which I really want to make it happen for this year! Want to go for tandem first, before trying to get a skydive license. Isn’t it super cool to have both dive license for underwater and the sky? Your adventure would be endless!

Bungee Jump
What a great extreme sport to check if you have trust issue with yourself or not. Tandem would be okay, I guess as you’re attached to a professional and experienced instructor. But bungee? You’re going down there alone. Okay, I’m gonna stop messing up my head now and just close my eyes and for God’s sake, do it!

Watch a game from English Premier League/Barclays Premier League
It used to be English Premier League when I was in high school and until now I still called it as EPL even though right now the name has been changed to Barclays Premier League. I’ve been wanted to watch the football game or Champions League game since I was in 15. Not sure about the tickets availability but hey, checking about it wouldn’t hurt right? But enjoying the game of your favourite football team would be super awesome!

So what’s yours? Do let me know if my adventure friends out there would like to embark the journey for 2015 with me. The more the merrier! Let’s rock 2015 with a bang!


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