What Can You Expect Before Touching Down Australia

Hey folks!

Yes, I’ve been away for so long! I know right! Life has been such a roller coaster. Had a rough start for 2015 which caused the silence in blog for so long. I apologized for that. But I’m back now, with a new spirit, drives and motivation to look ahead in life.

Let’s get it started again, shall we? This time, apart from sharing my travel journey, I’ll be sharing reviews and tips during travel. I just got back from the down under last April, before heading to Perhentian Island, Malaysia a month after. For a first timer that is planning to go to Australia, here’s what you need to know:

  • You need to get yourself a visa – depending on which country you are from, you need to get a visa prior to your arrival in Australia. You can either do it yourself online or do it through travel agent. The usual one is Electronic Travel Authority Visa but it is only applicable to several countries that listed in the eligibility list. You can check it here under Electronic Travel Authority applicant section: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/601-
  • Prior to your touchdown, you will be given a Passenger Card (image), instead of Visa-on-arrival card like the ones for South East Asia. In the card, you need to fill your personal details and the next section of the card, will be a tricky and confusing one especially for the first timer. Whatever you’re bringing with you, (I mean it, whatever!) such as first aid kit, medications, sports shoes, snorkelling gear, milk powder, instant noodles etc, you need to declare it at the customs. Make a list, for their own convenience. Why? If you make it easy for them, they will make it easy for you.
  • When it to comes declaration of the items that you bring, if you’re unsure with your items that need to be declared or not based on the passenger cards, just tick YES. Don’t be afraid if you’ll get into trouble by ticking YES. You’ll be in trouble if you’re ticking NO but it’s the item that you’ll need to be declared. Better safe than sorry, hey.
  • Make sure you’re ready with the address details, contact number and your return flight ticket details. Travel document 101, hey
  • For traveller without check-in luggage but with backpack, you’ll need to put all the travel kit toiletries in a clear zip-loc bag or any see through bag with a small piece of paper in it, listing all sorts of your toiletries. (image)
  • Don’t forget to smiles!


I’ll share with you after this, couple of things to do when you’re in Australia.

Until then, toodles!


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