What To Do During Solo Trip: Australia Edition

Hey folks! Nice to see you guys again. Last May, I did a solo trip to Australia. To anybody that is considering Australia as their next destination, you can check the requirement before entering the down under here. Initially, nobody bought the idea of me going on a trip to Australia, alone. Some even raised their eyebrows, with indications of doubts and thoughts of me bluffing. But guess what, I did! For this time, Brisbane & Cairns were the chosen travel destinations. Choosing on what to do during the time when I was there, was so hard. So much to see, so much to do but kinda lesser time. But here are the stuff that I did during my solo trip:

  • Southbank and Brisbane city – I’ve been living in the city for so long, I wasn’t really keen on checking out the Brisbane city and Southbank. But, since I was already in Brisbane, might as well check it. But it was my first and last day in Brisbane. Here, there are a lot of stuff that you can do and check out. You can do some shopping in the city and check out the museum, cool cafes in Southbank. Typical city stuff, though. IMG_0623
  • Lamington National Park – Approximately about 2 hours drive from Brisbane, you will reach Lamington National Park. You have two choices when you’re there. You can choose to stay in O’Reilly’s which is commercial resort if you prefer a comfort hospitality with a nature view. Another choice that you can choose is the Camping Area near the Green Mountains area. You can book the camping area site online but with fees apply. For more information on the fees and permits, you can check out here. When you’re in Lamington, you will be given a brochure, showing several places that you can go for a hike. There are hikes at beginners level, intermediate and difficult. There are general store and cafe if you need to buy some snacks or a hot coffee to warm you up in a windy and chilly weather. 11017541_10153291626683874_4239092470351078193_n11214080_10153293490293874_4974664148872766660_nIMG_0330
  • Kamarun Look-Out Point – A very beautiful scenery to enjoy. Because of its peaceful and calmness, I almost fell asleep for a nap on the grass. IMG_0437IMG_0435 IMG_0429
  • Cairns – It’s a like Bali but with so much things to do! If you have problems or time to find the best price for an activity around Cairns, Daintree, Fraser Island etc, not to worry, there are a lot of agencies that can offer you the best price there. Even some of the activities that you hardly find online! More review on Cairns to come in the next postit's bungy time mate!
  • Great Barrier Reef – You can’t come to Australia and not to see the Great Barrier Reef. It was so beautiful! You can snorkel, dive or even chill out and enjoy the view! A little hint, check other islands and scenery other than Green Islands. It’s not worth the trip. Nothing much special that you can do much there. 11261218_10153295603773874_8191479760538623369_n11193317_10153275544118874_4979748787777034625_n
  • Daintree – Approximately 2 hours drive from Cairns, you will get to Daintree. From unique flavour of ice cream, national parks to bumping the cassowary birds crossing the street without given any cares to the world (It’s ma road, I can do whatever I want! Deal with it).
  • Cape Tribulation – I stayed at Cape Tribulation Beach House, and guess what? Away from any network coverage! A perfect spot of an escape getaway from the life in the city. Because of there wasn’t any network coverage at all, you finally can enjoy the beautiful nature, sunset and sunrise at the beach, bonfire at night or simply get to know other friendly backpackers that stayed there too. If you’re seeking a much challenging trip, you can try to hike Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail. I’ve done it! And I’ll share the dos and don’ts, plus tips before you’re proceeding with the hike.IMG_0503IMG_051911012037_10153303158783874_4599965122001545379_n
  • Crocodile Sightseeing Tour – Yeah I see some crocs but they were pretty lazy and sleepy! Hahaha
  • IMG_0594IMG_0610Myrall Beach – A short stopover before heading back to Cairns. What a beautiful and lovely place! I bet for sunrise and sunset, the view will be so spectacular!
  • And, my most favourite things to do when I do the solo trip, making lots of new travel friends! (me with the pink Power Rangers shirt!)11289515_10200625141747593_265984740793949252_o

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