What Can You Expect Before Conquering Mount Sorrow, Australia


I reached Cape Tribulation Beach House from Cairns at 11am and found out that there was a trail-hiking route. After settled down with my stuff at the beach house, without hesitation, I packed my headlamp, a full bottle of water, blanket, mosquito repellent and some ID. After 20 mins walk (because my steps are tiny), I reached to the entrance at Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail. Hear me out, learn from my stories.

1. Get yourself some first aid kit. – I had it but left it in Brisbane
2. Never hike alone – whoops!
3. Tell someone that you’re hiking the trail – double whoops!
4. Ensure you bring enough water because there’s no water refill station.
5. Wear some waterproof clothing and wear sport shoes – Got it!
6. Beware of the venomous snakes and cassowaries – I was being cautious but can’t do anything much!

11012037_10153303158783874_4599965122001545379_nI started at noon and actually, it is recommended to start the hike at 10am because it will require you six hours return. Looking at the watch, it was close to noon, which was why I brought my headlamp and blanket with me, just in case I got lost in the middle of the night. The first 1 km, wasn’t so bad. It’s a typical route of hiking trail. The trail started to get challenging after 1.5km till the top. Between 2-3km, will be the most challenging one because the trails were extremely steep. Some of the area, there was a rope provided for you to climb to the top due to its steepness.

IMG_0528It took me several stops and to think whether I should turn back because it was so extremely steep and by that time, I can ensure I was the only one left hiking up, when some people had hiked down. But I was so close to the top, so I pushed myself to proceed. 3 kilometres till look out, there will be a steep trail but not that much compared to the previous one. Be careful with any weird sounds that you’ve heard and ensure your surrounding is safe for you. I bumped into cassowary bird on my way up about 1.5km – 2km trails. I had no chance to take the step back because behind me there was a steep slope. So I had to hide behind a tree until it disappeared. For somehow at the moment, I felt like I was Indiana Jones. Haha!

Once you reached to the top, the view was spectacular. And a little advice for you, after I told the local that I just got back from the trail, they asked me whether I went over the platform at the lookout. Because the view was much more amazing compared to the one where you stood on a tiny platform which used for the lookout area. So if you’re at the platform, jump over the fence and go a little bit further.

IMG_0521The challenge didn’t stop there as I had to race against time to reach the ground before dark. Yes, I had the headlamp but still, the fear of getting lost alone in the middle of the night, I’ll be lying if that didn’t cross into my mind at all. And in addition, because of the extreme steep slope, I did fell a couple of times because my feet was not stable in position as I was trying to hike down. So yeah, good sport hiking shoes are highly recommended. I’ve got a good one, though.

Take note and be alert on every marking tape that they put as the marking trails. It wasn’t that shiny at night but with headlamp, it helps. So to future hikers that plan take this trail, good luck. Oh yeah, difficulty level for this trail is indeed DIFFICULT.Hey, it’s not coming from me but it comes from Department of National Parks of Queensland Government!

1538816_10153303158963874_3185969150287841212_n (1)



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