The Reality That This Photo Hits Me

I’ve posted this photo on my Facebook and asked my fellow Facebook friends. To see what kind of interpretation that they could give me. Some of the answers were the obvious one such as a cart and a mini steering wheel that will define marriage or committed relationship. Some were being creative by guessing shopping for Nutella (food crave guess) and some were being artistic with the photos.

Pictures do speak thousands of words. Every person has different definition of one photo. But this simple but colourful picture hit me on the face with a harsh reality. I was a bit hesitated to accept it but I still have time to turn back things around. It’s better late than never.

“Most of us were traditionally raised to be a consumer..”

Since I was a kid, I was being taught and raised with the same principles that were being taught to my sisters.

“Get a good exam result, get a good degree, get a good job, get a good salary and live a good life..”

It’s like when you were in your first ever relationship with someone. You thought he was behaving badly was a normal thing in relationship. Even when you were not happy and questioned yourself the purpose of this toxic relationship, you’re still sticking to it because you thought it was normal and everybody was doing it. Because of the mindset that you’re having, you’re putting a big hard shell around you to make you think that, if you’re stepping out of this shell, you will find a lot worst out there. He might be the most decent one. Pffft. I still laughed at myself when I thought about how naive and stupid I was back then.

The relation to my bad relationship experience is I thought living the life as a consumer is a normal thing to do. Everybody is doing it, so, it might be the right way to live. Right? I couldn’t be more wrong in this. Yes, I wish I could see this harsh reality when I was in early 20s. But, it’s better late or never. It’s better if I realized it now compared when I was at my 50s and have my regrets of realizing that it’s too late.

“You have a big salary. Why bother to learn on how to bake a cake. You can just buy one at the store..”

“Why do you need to have a business when you can survive on your own salary..”

“Doing business won’t give you much money compared to your good-job salary..”

These were among the statements coming from the people that I respect and adored. It managed to get into my head for a long time. Just like my previous relationship experience, I was putting myself in a big hard shell, thinking there wasn’t any other way beside my salary and financial freedom does not exist. If I had and still keeping this mindset and wouldn’t bother to learn about a lot of stuff, I won’t have any survival skills to brace myself if something goes down. Donald Trump and Richard Branson are among the great examples. These people stepped out of the shell and walked opposite to the mainstream direction. It’s not pure luck. Lots of hard efforts and skills were being put into it.

How many schools that actually teach financial education as part of syllabus. How many families that teach their kids to have financial intelligence? Most parents want their kids to be doctors, lawyers or other professional career and as for me, an engineer. But, I’ve learned that even the top student in medical or engineering class doesn’t guarantee that one is smart financially. With higher salary among the average ones, the temptations to spend on liabilities are much higher. With having low or zero financial IQ (as what Robert Kiyosaki quoted), it’s a ticking bomb for one to realize that things are about to go down the drain.

Just open your eyes and realize the temptations that keep seducing consumers to keep spending their money until no more left. No need to get a new phone for every new model that comes out, buying branded items just because the columnist from a fashion magazine told you that it’s a must-to-have item because Jennifer Lawrence is wearing one now, or simply watch movies every weekend even the rating is low and terrible.

Wake up from the consumer world and step out from it. Doesn’t matter what are you going to do. Step out, learn to do something and don’t be at the bottom of the “food-chain”. 

“If everybody is following the rules, nothing will change. Without change, there will be no progress..” – Richard Branson

Fun Fact:

Did you know that Donald Trump spend 90USD for chairs at his office after made several phone calls and try to find the right vendors, even though his staff mentioned the chairs were intially sold at USD1,500?

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